Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hooper Detox Center

Hooper Detox Center reserved seating for Grand Floral Parade.

The Hooper Detox Center is one of our more interesting neighbors. It is run by Central City Concern, which is a huge (but local) conglomerate of non-profit housing, drug-recovery, and service programs. The network they have built makes it possible to avoid some of the major beaurocratic wrangling that can occur when trying to move recovering addicts and people living in poverty between programs. CCC states as their philosophy: "It is the core philosophy of CENTRAL CITY CONCERN that in order for a person to successfully achieve self-sufficiency, they must not only have access to housing, support services and employment opportunities, but also must be building positive relationships with those who have had common experiences and can offer support." Along these lines, I will note that their staff has kindly chalked off some of their sidewalk for parade day for the VOA, one of the other great service providers in town.

Hooper has a reputation of being one of the better detox centers in the Northwest, if not a wider region. This is due in part to their willingness to adapt over the years. At one point, they were only equipped for alcohol detox. When they realized that people with other addictions were using alcohol in order to get into their program, they expanded. Later, they integrated accupuncture into the treatment and found that those with drug addictions started making it through the detox phase at much higher rates. Hooper and CCC are not perfect, but they work hard every day to save lives and lend a little dignity to the citizens of our city who are the most in need.

We've noticed that sometimes people will arrive very late in the night in order to get into Hooper when they open in the morning. These people sleep quietly in the doorway or nearby. The other people who arrive at Hooper at odd hours are those who come in the famous CHIERS vans. Both of these aspects of Hooper make us worry about what will happen after the Bridgehead Development is built. I can already picture yuppies pitching fits about having to live so close to a detox center, especially when sometimes you can see the guests outside of the building before they check in.

While I've done the job of civic booster and concerned citizen here, I hope that my co-blogger will share some more colorful stories soon...


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