Friday, June 10, 2005

The one night of the year when it is A-Okay to camp with your family on the Burnside Bridge. (And, apparently, to block the bike lane with your SUV while also taking up the entire sidewalk.) I love the enthusiasm and the ridiculousness, but I can get irked when people seem to have lost consideration for those around them. Many bikes had to swerve into car lanes while this SUV was in their lane. And the tenants of the Union Arms have a family playing monopoly right outside their windows right now. Besides those few examples, our walking tour of the east side of the parade route tonight was nice and made us excited to live in a city where people are so enthusiastic for a parade that they will sleep out overnight like Star Wars Fans.


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I'm an assistant producer for and am trying to expand our blogging section: Specifically, the neighborhoods. You seem to have what I'm looking for in a blog. If you are interested in blogging for us, let me know. Keep in mind, it's not a paying job, but for someone who loves their neighborhood and wants to dish about it on O-Live. Thanks.

Darby Cave

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